St Maria Goretti

Wolcott, Connecticut

Safe Environment

Here at St. Maria Goretti, we adhere to the U.S. Bishops’ requirements for a safe environment. These requirements are three tiered:

  • All volunteers need to fill out a background check form;
  • All volunteers with regular contact with at risk populations, i.e. children, handicapped, the elderly, and homebound, must take a safe environment training course;
  • And lastly children participate in the Child Lures Program. The Child Lures Prevention program is an in depth safety program. This program is part of the Curriculum for children in grades 1-8. It is required by the National Conference of Bishops.
As it states in the Child Lures Prevention Guide, “For any prevention program to be truly successful and effective, we must enlist the support and cooperation of the parents. The importance of parental involvement in prevention education cannot be overstated.As in the case whenever a new topic is addressed, parents may have questions.  Therefore, I would like to suggest that parents be present during the 2 week program. You may also stop in our office to preview the program.There is a Child Lures Parent Guide available. This guide allows parents to continue the prevention efforts at home. Children are more likely to consider a program interesting and helpful if the conversations continue at home. Home reinforcement of the child Lures program helps to ensure that students will retain this important information.
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